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I don’t understand magical parents during the Chamber of Secrets. What kind of parents let their kids go to a school where students are being attacked?. I think that Lucius made the right descision. Dumbledore shouldn’t be a director.

I think it was more faith in Dumbledore than letting. They respected Dumbledore. Trusted him. He says all is being handled and they listened.

Up until GoF the entire Wizarding world stood behind Dumbledore.

Lucius wanted to change that. To bring doubt to Dumbledore. And in a way he does because the more Dumbledore did things that were questionable the more ammunition Lucius has against the man.

But wait, I’ve seen this happening in real life.

We have a school close by that is especially for severely mentally disabled children. And it’s the only school in the area.

There are known cases of child abuse, sexual harassment, teachers abusing the kids psychologically and physically, kids bullying and abusing each other. There’s been drug dealing etc. etc. pp.

Most parents know this, a lot of kids are unable to speak out for themselves due to their disability.

But when you ask some parents who seem to care, who clearly love their children and wouldn’t want this happening to them – if you ask those parents why they let their child visit this school, there’s one thing they all have in common.

“Where else could I send them? What other choice do we have?”

Because when there are no options available to you, when you can’t homeschool, can’t just let your kids stay home and can’t just send them somewhere else – where else would you send them?

I’m not saying it’s right, I’m not even saying it’s understandable – because if you ask me, I’d rather give up everything than let my child get hurt – but I’m saying it’s happening. I’ve seen it happen, still see  it happen and I’m pretty damn sure it’s happening elsewhere.

Sometimes parents don’t see any other choice! And when the principal tells them it’s okay and they have it handled and their kids are still in good hands, maybe they are glad someone else is making the decision for them, that someone is telling them that the only choice they see – even though they feel it’s wrong – is the correct choice to make!

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