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WATCH: How to Make the World’s Smallest Cup of Coffee 

In case there was ever an anomaly that shrunk our beloved captain.

Wait, can you imagine little tiny janeway summoning up all her authority to still appear commanding, and the crew is just like awww you’re adorable?

Chakotay has to craft a pocket on his chest to carry her around.

Naomi crafts her a tiny doll bed.

Awwwwww, the cute is strong in this imagined episode.

And everyone has to kneel before her or lean down towards Chakotay’s breast pocket.

And Chakotay also builds her a ladder because she still insists on sitting in her Command Chair and everyone has to keep from grinning when they see their tiny Captain sitting in her huge chair, trying to cross her legs but since she’s so small she’s looking like she’s all relaxed, except for her crossed arms and her death glare.

And she’s entirely done with the whole situation.

Except for being in Chakotay’s little breast pocket, which is warm and cozy and she can feel and hear his heartbeat all the time!)

Also would this tiny doll bed happen to be on Chakotay’s nightstand, @rawkfemme? To keep her safe for instance?

It was on the nightstand, @emmikamikatze, but they moved it to the view port ledge after the combadge slapping incident. On the view port ledge she has a better view of the passing stars, and for the first time since she shrunk, she feels normal.


(also also also – because I’m a flaming sap dork) 

imagine her falling asleep in the pocket after a long aggravating day because warm, cozy and his heartbeat lulls her to sleep.  and he has to figure out how to get her out of the pocket without disturbing her.

I got another question here: Does he brush her hair with a toothbrush? Or did the replicate her a tiny comb/ brush?

Does she use her flower teacup or a soup bowl as a bathtub?

Also (via @jhelenoftrek): 

Oh God. You guys slay me. Can we add a nipple tweak in there whenever he gives an order she doesn’t like?

You’re absolutely getting the vibe here. OMG, what a wonderful idea. I can already see him wanting poke her (but not daring because he might just poke her butt and he may just die if THAT happens) 😂

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