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Haters ‘gone hate. Go ahead. Let ‘em.

She’s beautiful. Right?, and a confidence booster. So in honour of @fbismostunwanted1158​ being kick arse, here is my own little selfie.

(I also wanna throw up a little, ohmygods. It’s so scary)

Those eyes! And badass piercings! You get it!

Do you people even have pores? Seriously, you’re both gorgeous.

And yay, for the piercings. And from what I can tell, @soulofacircus, those lips of yours have a beautiful shape (and let me gush over the colour a bit).

Also you remind me of a really good friend who used to live next door 😀

@emmikamikatze Ohmygods, you wonderful spirit you, what lovely words to say!. I actually don’t like my lips, how strange that you comment on them!, that’s not lipstick. Your friend? i hope you two are still in touch!?. But I thank you and urge you for a selfie!. 

Well okay then, I just needed to wait for some natural sunlight, and put on some mascara and dry shampoo (those roots are NOT grey – okay maybe a little 😅), and all the selfies I actually like miraculously have a baby in it 😂. But here you go, I don’t hate this one.

Also, @soulofacircus, yes we are still in touch. We used to roleplay Voyager when we were kids – fun story, we got so immersed in it I went to her parents house and asked if Seven was home, instead of using her actual name…ah fun times 😂 Now everytime we talk we plan a VOY marathon but never get around to doing it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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