lodessa: emmikamikatze: Can we talk about this again? I feel…



Can we talk about this again?

I feel like that thing she’s doing with her fingers up there is some code/ secret message.

Either from Janeway to Chakotay 

and/ OR

from Kate to Robert, to either taunt him about something they’ve done earlier, or to let him know about something they’re gonna do later…

And just maybe Robert’s reaction isn’t even remotely close to acting.

I feel this is your territory, @lodessa 😏

I like the direction of your thoughts here, @emmikamikatze.  Please… continue.

Okay, so going with the Third Base theory…I’d say Kate is telling Robert that after wrap tonight – if his game is as strong as last time – she has time for approximately 3 orgasms before she has to be home (or meet Tim).

The rest of the code basically tells him that the orgasms should involve fingers, tongue and penetration (judging by the little circle she forms with her pinky finger, ring finger, and thumb)! 

That covers three bases.

Now about his reaction. He seems a little overwhelmed and not entirely sure if he’s up to it tonight. But he’s be damned if he refused her and risk screw it up forever.

It looks a little like he’s thinking, Oh boy, what did I get myself into?

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