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Gray undershirt appreciation post

Yes!!!! @marcygoomen has it all!

And Harry wonders why he wasn’t promoted…

Uhm, you need to step up your undershirt game, Ensign!

Ok, this leads me to the question. Just what is the layering of the Starfleet uniform? It doesn’t look like the short sleeve tees can hold pips. But then sometimes they have tanks on too. How many shirts are under there?

I’m guessing they have a sleeveless undershirt and put the short or long sleeved shirts over that.

In Macrocosm we see Janeway take off her longsleeved undershirt to reveal the sleeveless one. (In which scene we also see, that the undershirts with necks apparently close in the back, because Janeway’s is hanging open in the back and she can just peel it off towards the front:


So, I guess sleeveless undershirt –> long shirt –> jacket

And the short sleeved shirt is maybe a leisure item? Like an official exercise shirt or something (I know our police force gets official exercise clothing etc. with sports pants, shorts and shirts, socks etc. etc. pp)

My personal headcanon is that for crewmembers with breasts, the tank serves as a bra. There’s something built in there for support so they don’t need a 21st century style bra.

So when Kathryn and Belanna are running around in their tanks, it basically their underware.

I have absolutely zero problem accepting that headcanon.

It means we got to see them in the underwear…and we never actually saw a bra strap, did we? (Anyone feel more than welcome to prove us wrong though!)

So Uniform jacket –> Shirt –> Titti cover 😂

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2oNrJUY

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