Thumbelina: Day 3


By the third day of being four inches tall, Kathryn Janeway
was beginning to feel more comfortable in her tiny body. Almost all of the
logistics were worked out; her food (tiny crumbs of whatever Chakotay was
eating), her coffee (drop by drop from her custom mini-mug), how she’d get her
work done (those dance lessons years ago came in handy for typing now), and how
she’d get around the ship (nestled securely in a pocket on her XO’s

Yes, everything was sorted. Until the inevitable

It wasn’t really Neelix’s fault. Or Chakotay’s.  It was just a sequence of events that left
the Lilliputian captain in a very “uncaptainlike” state.  

“Chakotay if you bend
over, I’ll fall right out!”

“You’re right. Here,
stand on the counter while I inspect the produce.”

“Oh dear.

“Yes, what is it

“That thermal inductor

“What about it?”

“It’s…it’s on.”

And just like that, the piece of tech that cooked their food
without burning their chef, had charred a neat split up the back of Janeway’s
trouser leg and over the curve of her backside, exposing her pale skin and
blush pink non-regulation panties. Her face quickly matched the shade of her
undergarments. Luckily, Starfleet uniforms where designed with combat in mind, so
the scorched fabric didn’t have the opportunity to burn Janeway’s delicate

Chakotay of course insisted that he rush his captain to sick
bay for a once-over, just to be sure.

“Besides the obvious,
the captain is perfectly fine.  Her
uniform, however, is not.  Luckily, one
of my sub-routines is micro-surgery.  Though
it’ll be a bit tedious to have to work on such a friable non-organic medium.”

“Oh cheer up Doc. Once
you fix my uniform you can get started on what I’m sure will be a much lauded
paper.  What was that movie Tom referenced?  ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids?’ Call it, ‘Doctor,
I Shrunk the Captain.’”

Janeway would need something else to wear, pronto. She couldn’t
wait the several hours it would take the doctor to mend her uniform with just
surgical bandages wrapped around her. Only one person on board would be able to

“Do you have anything
with more flowers, Naomi?  You know how
much the captain likes flowers.”

The tiny pocket passenger delivered a swift tweak to the
area of her first officer that was at her closest disposal. The sharp yelp he
elicited indicated that she had found an area that, even for a man, was of particular
sensitivity. They needed to get a doll dress quickly and get out. Janeway was
hiding in the pocket, and if Naomi or Samantha saw her in the state she was in
currently, she’d die of embarrassment.

“You know, it took
every ounce of strength I had not to poke at whatever had pinched my…and then
I remembered it was you. I was afraid I’d poke your…never mind.”

Once they had exited the Wildman’s quarters and were safely
in the privacy of the turbolift, Janeway peeked her head out to see what Chakotay
had procured for her. One was clearly modeled on the dancing costume of the
Xarat species and was in no way appropriate of her to be wearing. Too many
straps and far too much glitter. What was he thinking borrowing that one? The
second was apparently intended to be an early American prairie dress. It
reminded her of museum exhibits her parents had dragged her to as a child. Floor
length, with a tiny plaid print, a huge lace collar, and ruffles and the hem
and sleeve. The third dress reminded her of something she’d worn not all that
long ago, but on Chakotay’s arm, not on his pocket. This version was pale
lilac, knee-length, with a halter neckline, and plum colored sash at the waist.
The floral fabric was tasteful and soft. It would look interesting with her
standard issue boots, but it would have to do. She slipped it over her head and
tied the sash behind her as the turbolift doors opened on the bridge.

Much of the day was uneventful and spent with Chakotay in
the ready room, until B’Elanna arrived from engineering.  Her update continued to be that there were no
updates, but they felt a breakthrough was imminent. She did, however, come
bearing a gift.

“I call it the Mini-Yacht.
But feel free to christen it whatever you like.”

The miniature version of Captain’s Yacht had seating for
one, and only if that one was under five inches tall. The mechanics were that
of what amounted to a child’s remote control plane, but with the controls
re-wired onto a small panel inside the craft.

“She’s not exactly space-worthy,
but maybe you’d like to take her for a spin inside?”

It was all she needed to hear, and Janeway was throwing open
the hatch and getting a feel for the controls. B’Elanna had encoded the little ship
with the captain’s access. She’d be able to be off the ground on her own, for
the first time in days. Doors opened at her request. She zoomed out of the
ready room and across the bridge, buzzing Harry at the Op’s station, then
hanging a wide right down to Tom at the helm.
Giving him a happy salute and a cheeky wink, she darted back up to the
rear of the bridge and into the waiting turbolift, where she activated the
craft’s hover matrix while moving between floors.

She exited the turbolift and zipped her way down the halls,
dodging and diving out of the way of passing crewmates, on their way to the
mess hall or their quarters as the shifts were changing. To be speeding along
at whatever pace she chose, to whatever destination she chose, was a freedom
that she hadn’t known since this all began. After a while though, she began to
miss him. He, who had been her constant companion and champion. Not just for
the past three days, but for the past three years.

She found her way back to his quarters, and was pleasantly surprised
to see that he’d adjusted his door settings to open automatically at her
arrival. Kind man that he was, Chakotay had both of their dinners ready, and
soft music played over the speakers.
Janeway landed her craft on the coffee table and disembarked.  As he kneeled to greet her, she couldn’t help
but give the full skirt of the dress an un-self-conscious twirl. The music was joyful
and her companion seemed truly happy to see her. In a moment of impulsiveness,
Chakotay placed the tips his pointer and middle finger on the surface of the
table and “walked” them over to his captain. Gazing up at him, she placed her
hands on his knuckles and they slowly swayed together to the rhythm of the
lilting music.

“I believe that may
have been our first dance.”

“I hope it’s not our

They ate their dinner in a comfortable silence.  After the meal, Chakotay carried Janeway
across his quarters and revealed one last surprise from the engineering

“B’Elanna built this
too, but it was my design. The temp core of the handle should be pretty conducive
to retaining heat, and the slope of the grip should match that of your back

“Oh, I trust you that it’s
perfect. You’re the only man to have ever built the same woman two bathtubs.”

With a dimpled grin, Chakotay left Janeway alone in the
bathroom, standing next to what used to be the handle of a type two hand
phaser, modified, hollowed out, and filled with warm water and a foam of
sweetly scented bubbles.

Pulling the dress of and slipping into the water, her thoughts
returned to the man who had done so much for her. It had to be more than just
his sense of duty. He’d all but opened his heart to her in the past, and she’d
shut him out like so many times before and since. But being here with him, back
in this domestic setting, felt so natural.

She luxuriated in the warm water for a while, feeling the
heat ease her tiny, aching muscles.  But
after a while she knew she’d have to get out, or she’d risk falling asleep
right there. Climbing out of the tub, she dried off with the miniature towel
Chakotay had left for her, and pulled one of the petticoats of the prairie
dress on as a nightgown. She called for Chakotay and was happy to climb into
his protective hand after he knelt to escort her. As they climbed in to their
respective beds, under the canopy of passing stars, Janeway found comfort in
thoughts of Chakotay’s tender care, his concern, and perhaps even still, his love.

Ahahaha, Chakotay asking for more flowers…hahahaha.

Also, now I’m imagining Kathryn in her underwear in Chakotay’s pocket (and what that is doing to him.)

Her face quickly matched the shade of her undergarments.

This is literally getting cuter by the day.

Thank you, @rawkfemme, for giving this precious tumblr baby life!

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