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@oh-punky – are you referring to Kat Lady’s “Prehensile”? Or another fic?

And then there’s the fic that involves her moving the plant into her quarters. (That one’s just out and out twisted lol.)

@cheile are you talking about the one.. with the “flowers”..? and if not.. do you have a link to the one with the “flowers”?

@cheile I was referring to that one but I read  the other one I think you’re referring to. The uh….janeway x sentient alien plant.

I wonder if that one had flowers. Now I need to re-read it. I think i read it on ff.net.

There needs to be a book club but for fanfic 😀

I remember one where she was given a plant by an alien dignitary or something and it sprouted *coughcough* several “stems” and she was suppsoed to get rid of the weakest ones until only one remained…and well it turned out to look exactly like a certain someone’s *coughcough* “stem”

@supernovacoffee – the one with the flowers is MaquisKat’s. It’s on AO3.

@emmikamikatze – the one you’re referring to I’m pretty sure was written by Delta. She’s moved all her stuff to AO3 as well.

Yes, yes, it was Katie, Katie, Quite Contrary – What Does Your Garden Grow?

YES! That’s the one I was looking for 😀 

I don’t know why I was remembering the.. ‘stems’ growing out of flowers xD

@supernovacoffee – Here is MaquisKat’s Leaving Reality: http://ift.tt/2pdu5js

Pretty sure it grows flowers in this one….I seem to recall little flowers having minds of their own in this one XD

This.  Just this.  I love this fandom so damn much.  Which brings me to the question, how many different ways has our OTP been brought together by ff authors, anyway?  Like a million?  And every way is glorious!

Also, @oh-punky, can I join your fanfic bookclub?  Fantastic idea.  We can meet at barnes-and-noble with printed out stories while everyone stares at us.

@jhelenoftrek we are all depraved here 😂

I don’t think there’s anything I haven’t seen yet – you’re all welcome to prove me wrong, of course 😜

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2oQRTpX

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