for the writers’ meme: LAST 😉

A little more than two sentences:

“Mmmm…” he protested half heartedly, “But it’s so nice here in bed.”

“It is. So you,” she disentangled herself from his arms, “Should enjoy that for a while more.  Sleep in some more if you want so you are nice and rested up for our hike later.”

They’d developed a habit of afternoon treks into their surroundings, trying to get a better sense of their new home.  It was something to do, some vague sense of task to keep from feeling aimless.

“Are you sure it’s the hike you want my energy for?” Chakotay grinned up at her from the bed, looking so wonderful she really did think about just crawling back into his arms and sleeping the day away.

from Tumblr

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