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Tom Paris’ PADD of crewmembers who have wagered Holodeck time in the new gambling game of “Are the Captain and First Officer sleeping together” accidentally landed on the Captain’s desk.

Janeway: “Shall we take a look Mr. Paris?”

When she realizes that Chakotay’s name is on there, post-dated for a week from today.

I take it you’re working on that story, @jhelenoftrek?

“Commander, a word please?” Chakotay had just stepped off the turbolift, ready to take his seat next to Kathryn when she turned in her Command seat and looked straight at him

Oh damn, what had he done now? Her tone was crisp and without another glace at him she turned back waiting for him to take his seat.

Chakotay swallowed and meekly followed her order, bracing himself for whatever her problem with him was now. He risk a glance at Harry, who just shrugged his shoulders, and Tom, who looked at him with something akin to pity in his eys. He didn’t dare look at Tuvok so he just took his seat next to her and leaned slightly over to her, trying to solve this as quietly as possible.

Instead of starting an angry monologue though, she handed him a PADD and said in a very controlled voice, “I realize it was partly my mistake, but your calculations are far off, Commander. I’m sorry to spring this on you, but it was only recently brought to my attention and it is not something I can let easily slide. I fully expect you to correct this oversight and will await your full report by 2100 hours tonight.”

With that she stood up, nodded at him and turned for her Ready Room.

“You have the Bridge, Commander.”

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