ATTN!  ST:VOY  J/C Writers and Readers!




To make it easier to find written J/C contributions to this fandom, a few of us have decided to adopt the following tag:  #wordsofJC  

This tag should be used to alert others to J/C written content of all forms (drabbles, full-fics, previews, collaborative works, fic recommendations, challenges, etc).  

WHEN YOU TAG!  It MUST be in the original post (reblog tagging won’t work) and it must be one of the first 5 tags you add.

**You can follow this tag by searching and then selecting ‘follow’ on the right-hand side of the search bar.  

Kindly repost the snot out of this so that word gets around.  I will tag as many people as I can remember, please add whoever I miss!

@katesfire82, @coffeeinanebula, @relentless-fire

@breezybree I had to do it after reading your comment LOL

Uhm, excuse me, church porn? Did I miss this or did I miraculously forget it?

(It’s absolutely possible. I had forgotten about the corn for a few years as well!)

from Tumblr

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