carlynroth: cheile: damn….someone’s in trouble!!! hey…



damn….someone’s in trouble!!!

hey @jhelenoftrek, @lodessa, @oh-punky, @emmikamikatze, @supernovacoffee – wanna play Misinterpret this Pic Set? 😂

I swear to god, Kathryn, I had no idea it was recording.

Tom: Harry, Harry, Harry…you won’t believe the positions in B’Elanna’s latest Klingon romance novel. I swear I had to wash my eyes after reading that.

Kathryn: *barely audible* Hmmmm…*louder* I have to take care of a problem in engineering. Commander, you have the bridge.

Chakotay: Oh damn, it’s gonna be one of those long nights…

from Tumblr

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