Prixin Prompt Competition





Hey guys,

The Prixin Prompt Comp has now come to a close (that being said, if you’d still like to post a fic, feel free to do so!)

This fic was designed to encourage people to write J/C fics, I can’t think of a better way to encourage authors than to comment on their fics!

Below is a link to all the finished fics. I tried and failed to set up an online poll, but if you’d like to vote on which fic you think is best, please message me and let me know 🙂 Also, please don’t include my fic (The Scientist).

I will announce a winner in about a week.

A couple of people expressed an interest in reading the finished fics, so I have tagged you.


jcshipperj, @

sevenofwine, @

quirkette100, @oh-punky

Excuse me guys. I have an urgent matter to attend to. Thank you for the information @talsi74656.

@talsi74656 thank you for organising this 😊 you did a brilliant job! Xxx

I second what @capt-nyc said. I don’t doubt that the entire J/C fandom appreciates your work on this competition, @talsi74656! I have certainly enjoyed my first prompt comp, and I look forward to the next one!

Oh yes, this was wonderful and I’m not even through reading all the entries. Thank you so much for doing this, @talsi74656.

I had so much fun writing and I’m still having even more fun reading all of the fabulous stories.

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