Beauty and the Beast



After I finish writing “A New Voyage” I was thinking of writing a Voyager/ Beauty and the Beast crossover.

Kathryn would be captured by Chakotay and would form relationships with :
Lumiere (Tom Paris)
Cogsworth (Tuvok)
Mrs. Potts (Samantha Wildman)
Chip (Naomi)
Feather Duster (B’elanna Torres)
Madame Garderobe (Seven Of Nine)

Along with mentions of Gaston (Mark Johnson). And I think you can figure out who Belle and the Beast are. Basically

It would go the same way as the movie except on a starship and Chakotay is the Captain. However, unless they break the spell they will never return to the Alpha Quadrant. I’m keeping the enchantress a secret.

Please let me know if any of you would actually read it and if you have any other ideas 😉

I’d read it!

Oh the trauma of an 11-year old boy who’s been cursed because he didn’t want to let a random stranger into his house in the middle of the night…

…oh boy would I be curious what that would do to a gentle soul like Chakotay’s.

…and oh boy, would I want to see that translated into the 23rd century!

Imagine Chakotay being the Caretaker and the Beast, pulling in random people from his “home” (which he was taken away from until the curse is broken) so he can find someone who will love him despite his beastly nature. I would totally love to see the actual age of the Prince kept, seeing Chakotay as an 11 year old who’s been ripped from his family and friends, because he was taught not to trust random strangers (possibly because he was already in a position that made him prone to being taken advantage of – just like the Prince).

And he’s so desperate to find someone to love him and return back home, that he spends 20 odd years developing technology that brings people to him, so he can find someone – anyone – who will love him.

OH BOY….are my thoughts running away here…

Now, I just want to hug beastly Chakotay!

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