What can’t Chakotay do?




In my drabble yesterday I said that it is my headcanon that Chakotay can’t swim. (Cause he’s a big guy and he’d probably sink like a sacred rock). Other than not being able to express his feelings, or safely return a shuttlecraft… What else can’t/won’t Chuckles do?

I’d like to think that he can’t dance traditional dances (Waltz etc.)

Yup, @emmikamikatze I will totally buy that. But I bet when he just holds you and sways it doesn’t even matter….

Exactly…and also, it would give a nice excuse to Kathryn having to teach him to dance.

She’s stubborn and a little impatient with him, but refuses to give up but the movements are just so foreign to him, with the traditional dances of his tribe being so very different…and he feels like the Waltz is just too stiff and formal and seriously, where is the emotional expression in Waltzes? Why can’t they just dance Salsa or Tango?

And yes, of course they cal also dance Salsa and Tango, but it’s important to Kathryn that he at least really try and honestly, it’s also a little hilarious to see him struggle with SOMETHING!

And he catches her trying to suppress a smirk or a giggle every now and then and seeing how much fun she’s having he’s acting extra clumsy…

…oh boy!

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