Get to know me thing: 3. 8. 25. 38. 83 😉

3. My birthday: Oh dang, the one question I’d rather not answer to…oh well, it’s March 6th 😉

8.  I’m from: Germany, more precisely a little town in East Germany directly on the border to Poland. 

25. colour of my socks: not wearing any right now, but I prefer black socks mostly, or my Grumpy Cat socks. No white socks, never white!

38. the longest I’ve gone without sleep: I think some 50-odd hours. I was traveling (I think it was Italy and we didn’t have a room for the last night) and between having to get up really early one day and opting to just stay up, missing the whole next night’s sleep and not getting to bed until really late the next day (somewhere in the wee hours of morning again), I think I learned my lesson…I did go without sleeping for close to 48 hours regularly well into my 20s though, when I would come home from a party around 7 or 8 in the morning, sat down to have breakfast with my family and went about my day. Oh, those were the days…I think I’m getting old. I did forget to go to bed once, when I played The Sims all night and by the time I looked up from my screen the sun was rising 😂

83. How fast can I run? Good question. I think I used to be quite fast on short distances. At least I got As in PE, but not over long distances. And probably not anymore since I haven’t been exercising in years. But I don’t think I have to hide my running either.

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