I would like to know the story behind all your Tumblr handles, thank you please. Because I don’t know them and I often find myself wondering. 

Mine’s pretty lame.

I wanted something that didn’t connect me to my other accounts basically, (because I didn’t know what I would find here when I signed up) but that I could identify with.

So Emmi for my cat.

And the Kamikatze part is basically a mix between kamikaze (because she likes to go out in the middle of the night and roughen up the neighbour’s numerous cats who are much stronger than she is, that silly thing) and the German word for cat (Katze) – I thought it was very clever at the time 😂 

[The story behind khurst is way longer though…and involved a festival, alcohol, a  similarity to Katy Perry and a cucumber…]

from Tumblr

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