The Window – a J/C drabble


The beep on the console was jarring.

Chakotay had been sitting on the balcony that overlooked Starfleet
Academy daydreaming the afternoon away.

Voyager had arrived home a few months
ago. Debriefing was just finishing up with new orders and assignments coming
any day now before the crew would be given a mandatory four months off. Chakotay
almost didn’t know what to do with himself. He planned on visiting his cousin
in Ohio and possibly visiting his sister Sekaya off planet. Whatever he and
Seven had been doing fizzled quickly. ‘A few dates’ he just kept telling
himself, but he knew it was more than that. At least it was to his former close
friend Kathryn Janeway.

The console continued to beep until he finally made his way over
to the video screen.

“Admiral Paris! You look well sir.”

“Commander Chakotay, I didn’t know if I would catch you, but I
wanted to let Voyager’s senior staff know before ‘Fleet sent out an official
notice to the crew.”

“Oh? Hopefully it’s good news then?” Chakotay had become friendlier
with the Admiral over the last few months, mostly in part to Kathryn and Tom’s
connection to the Starfleet bureaucrat. 

“‘Fleet wants to do a ceremony before the welcome home gala that’s
already scheduled. Basically handing out commendations, medals and promotions
for the crew. Of course, we will save Katie Janeway’s promotion for the gala,
but we want to have everyone else recognized beforehand. The counselors think
this type of event will be valuable to the crew,” trying to convince Chakotay
that this was all a good idea. “Of course Mister Chakotay, I want to be very
upfront with you, I know these debriefings haven’t at all been a walk in the
park, but admiralty agrees wholeheartedly on promoting you to Captain.”

Chakotay almost balked at this, “Captain? You’re serious Sir?”

“Of course! Not only did Katie demand it, but admiralty agrees.
You’ve earned it. Also, you might want to sit down with Kati… Captain Janeway
to discuss any special honors that might not be in the crew’s evaluations
etcetera. I know Commander Tuvok is still on Vulcan for his treatment, but I
assured everyone that you and Katie should be able to handle this task since
you kept excellent records over the years. I am still impressed with how you
kept up with evaluations as required. Did you ever have a quiet day in the DQ

Chakotay chuckled at this, remembering how resentful so many of
the crew had been regarding the evaluations.

As Chakotay finished discussing the details with Admiral Paris he
took a look at his calendar. He would be promoted on a Wednesday afternoon; the
gala would be on that Saturday.

Then it dawned on him.

He would be Captain Chakotay and the woman he needed to make
amends with would be Captain Kathryn Janeway.

He had a
window. A window of opportunity he wasn’t going to miss.

from Tumblr

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