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An early Voyager trailer where the Doctor is still referred to as “Doc Zimmerman”.

( @47lightyears ) 

The way they pronounced all of the names though…

After being stranded in the delta quadrant, Captain Juneswat must team up with her new first officer, the former maquis captain Chocolate Okay. Together they must find a way to bring their crew home. 

At Jeanswaist’s side is her trusted security officer Tubewook. They are joined by the half-klingon Blenda Forrest, now chief engineer, and the strange aliens Felix Navidad and Clash. Young officer Carry Him comes straight out of the academy, while the newly released convict Prom Terrors gets a second chance when he takes the helm of the star ship Voiceover.

“Star Trek…………………………. Voyaja.”


Kills me every time. I almost choked on my crisps…

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2rq6cYp

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