Ficlet – Not Letting Go


This.  Cause @emmikamikatze.  Not listing the prompt so as not to spoil. 

“Give me your hand,” he says, lying prone over the edge of
the rocky peak.  She groans.  Her legs are aching and her fingertips are
sore from the climb which they have been enduring for the last hour.  “Come on,” he urges.  “Another half-meter and you’ll get your

“Next time…” she pants.
“We try….” Then her legs surge upward with a last ounce of
strength.  “A smaller….” She throws her
hand at him. “Mountain.”

With a grunt he yanks her up.  They lie still on the ground for a moment.  Then, a broad grin grows over both faces as they realize that together have made it.  

He helps them both up onto their feet.  Only now can they fully enjoy the
spectacular view.  They are above a dense canopy
of lush trees.  Far below he can make out a river which twinkles in the light from a perfect, blue
sky above.  All of these are eclipsed only by
how beautiful she looks, fully exerted, heart pounding and with a smile that
could conquer the entire planet.

The slight breeze is another reward as it quickly works to
cool them off.  Her hand is still firmly
wrapped around his but neither seem to notice this act is out of the ordinary, or care to let go.

She lifts her head with a final release of air.  “You were right,” she agrees. “The view was definitely worth the work it
took to get here.”

“Told you.”

The next thing they hear forces them both back into

‘Tuvok to Captain Janeway,’
her badge beeps.

She sighs.  “Janeway

‘All teams have reported
back.  We are ready to depart.’

She turns back to regard Chakotay.  “I guess our reward was short lived.”

“Next time we’ll climb faster,” he chides her with a shrug.  She allows them one last extended moment,
then with a squeeze of his hand she asks Tuvok to have them transported home.

They materialize on the rear-most, upper landing of the

“Mr. Paris,” she says, beginning to walk down to command level.  She doesn’t feel that she’s
practically dragging Chakotay along behind her. “Standard departure.  Leave
orbit and resume our previous course.”  

now, all of the eyes on the bridge are watching the command team in some covert way or

“Commander,” she says turning to Chakotay.  “I’ll be in my ready room, you have the

At this Tom lets out a small chuckle.  

“Problem Mr. Paris?” she asks as Chakotay diverts his eyes
to the floor.

“No ma’am, but…”

“Yes?” she urges impatiently.  She is hot and sweaty and impatient to freshen up.

“If you want him to have the bridge and you’re going in your
ready room…” the helmsman trails off, hoping not to have to state the obvious.

“Yes?” she asks again, leaning her head toward him in even more annoyance. 

“You might have to let go of his hand.”

Her face flushes and she drops Chakotay like a hot iron.  Tom turns back to the viewscreen.

“Yes, well.  Good
climb Commander,” she says with a nod.  “Post
haste on the departure, shall we?”

“Aye, Captain,” he replies.
“Post haste.”

Ah…I was so excited to see which prompt it would be 😀

I love it so much 😀

drops Chakotay like a hot iron” ahahaha…that and Tom made me grin like a dork!

from Tumblr

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