I’m rewatching Coda and judging how Chakotay carries Kathryn to avoid crying over her ten deaths.



And….now I have Coda on too.  Cause, I guess it’s fandom-cry day and I don’t wanna be left out.  It’s @emmikamikatze‘s fault really.  Anyone else gonna join in?

Also, I love that he’s SO flustered, he goes into that medical kit just like “wtf am I doing in here?” then shuts it and is like “my lips!  My lips can save her, medicine be damned!”

Are we going to talk about the familiarity with which he lays his arms around her waist? The ease with which she grabs his shoulder for support and leans into him after he obviously says something to her? Are we?

I can easily imagine that he warns her to accept his assistance or he’s going to swing her up into his arms and carry her back. And she laughs a little and looks to the side and he leans in and says, “I mean it, Kathryn.”

And the tone of his voice tells her that he does mean it, so what the hell, she sure could use some support, and oh, he does feel good, she might even get used to this…

Also, is it just me or are the Doc and Tuvok basically useless? Kathryn fought the alien all on her own, while Chakotay’s mouth made sure she got enough oxygen, right?

Oh yea, the Doc can carry the luggage, lol…

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