“Not everyone gets anything they want, in my case, it’s (Person B), and thats what frustrates me the…”

“Not everyone gets anything they want, in my case, it’s (Person B), and thats what frustrates me the most.”

Imagine Person A really sad and miserable while talking it out with their friends about why Person B just had to be together with Person C. (via otppromptstobe)

Oh, Phoebe harassing Kathryn about how she wants her sister back as she used to be, not the bitter shell of a woman before her.

And Kathryn – slightly drunk and terribly bitter and disappointed and mad – finally breaks and yells at Phoebe that she better suck it up and deal with it because you don’t always get what you want. Sometimes what you really want ends up with a busty blonde.

Upon realizing what she’s said she clasps her hand over her mouth in shock, eyes wide. Phoebe stares at her for a second and then grins a dirty smirk and exclaims, “I knew it.” in triumph. She then disappears into Kathryn’s study for a few minutes before coming back out a joining her older sister in her pity party.

Time jump to the next morning:

Kathryn wakes up with a terrible headache and a feeling like she’s swallowed sandpaper. It takes a while to realize that it was the pounding on her door that has woken her.

She opens the door to a disheveled Chakotay, who, from the looks of it, apparently didn’t take the time to get ready properly before leaving the house. She turns to look at the chronometer and notices that it’s barely a decent time to wake anyone up on the weekend.

“What are you doing here?” she asks with a grimace and slight annoyance. He’s really not her favorite person right now, and she feels like she could use a coffee before dealing with him.

“I just saw your message and came right away.” He is still a little out of breath, a testament to the fact that he quite obviously did hurry over and Kathryn wonders what got him so worked up.

She tries to remember sending him a message, but she refrained from contacting him on purpose and except for last night, which is a terrible blur, she knows for a fact that she did not send him any messages. At the thought of last night, her thoughts suddenly freeze, together with her face, for several seconds — making Chakotay worry if she has a stroke.

But she suddenly turns around and walking straight for her study, she yells into the house, “PHOEBE JANEWAY, WHAT DID YOU DO?”

She forgets about the door and leaves it wide open and despite not having been invited in, he steps inside and closes the door behind him. He follows Kathryn’s general direction and finally finds her sitting in front of her work station, eyes and mouth wide open. Her gaze flickers to Chakotay when he stops in the doorway.

“I did not send this.” She gestures to the screen and swallows hard.

“But is it true?” He dares to ask with a cheeky grin, dimples out in full force. He has realized a few minutes ago that the messages was not written by Kathryn, but apparently by her sister Phoebe.

“Umm…” Her gaze travels down his form, back to her screen, then back up his body to his face where it meets his amused grin and the hope in his eyes and the decision is made for her. “Yes?”

“Good.” In two strides he is at her side and pulls her up from her chair. He leans down and presses a key on her station. “I will frame this and hang it above our bed,” he explains before he leans into her. But before their lips meet, Janeway pulls back.

“PHOEBE,” she yells at the top of her lungs. “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW!”


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Here’s an alternative version of the Message™ as per @supernovacoffee‘s request – because, as she says, it’s what she would do. 😂 (Personally, I would probably do both, though!) (via emmikamikatze

I still can’t believe @emmikamikatze shared this piece of information 🙈

(via supernovacoffee)

sorry, not sorry 😂

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2qFpzJ3

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