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The more you look at this picture, the more anxious it becomes.

this is just a normal waffle house

there is a bloody handprint on the door

There is somethung under the counter with the cups

A normal waffle house

I love the skull in the cup, the bloody handprint on the restrooms, the monster under the counter, the eyeball on the blind man’s plate, the blood dripping from the pie, the tentacle sliding away past the bar stools, the fact that the woman grabbing the child has a tentacle for an arm… the blind man looks like he might have gills (I’m getting a weird “American Gothic” meets “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” vibe from him). Hell! There might even be something wrong with the face of the man at the bar, about three stools down.

What I love the most is the fact that while all the perspective lines are straight, none of them go towards a single focal point. They converge on an area around the shoulder of the man looking down at the pie, but they all miss each other. It creates this slightly disorienting but still cohesive image, while drawing attention to the open ceiling and the man looking at the pie – which have no disturbing qualities. Only as your vision spirals out in search of more information do you start to feel that something is off. A-grade work, masterfully done. Who’s the artist?

The work is “Blue Plate Special” by Jeff Lee Johnson, apparently. His deviantart is linked above.

The image is of surprisingly high resolution – zooming in makes it possible to read the text in the book – if you can read cursive that is. I…. cant.

Not to mention that the blind man is reading the newspaper and has three scratches on his neck (or are the gills?), and there’s not only an eyeball on his plate but also two human fingers.

Also, the ant pattern on the tables.

There’s definitely something wrong with the man’s face three stools down, looks like tentacles from his face.

And the person drinking the skull coffee is writing all of this down as far as I can tell:

“… and eyeball … have to think he is less strange than the horrifying creature that seems to have inhabited the cabinet behind him … all tentacles and teeth … (obscured by cup) … Where in the world can be found such nightmares?!”

from Tumblr

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