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Promotional photo for “Flashback” featuring Janeway, Tuvok and Sulu… in Sandrine’s playing pool for some reason. 🤷🏼‍♂️


@mia-cooper, when you say things like that, my first instinct is to believe that you’re half-way through writing a (probably angsty, possibly smutty) fic about it. Soooo…

@ailtara don’t think I wouldn’t do it.

I…. I am equally torn between


because, while you could create some gorgeous, angsty, feels-filled, inter-timeline story weaving a tale of friendship and choices and the past relying on the future relying on the past, it’s just as possible that you might instead somehow, bafflingly, come up with some weird, wild Janeway/Tuvok/Sulu smutty romp that somehow bizarrely works even though it’s so wrong and, just… I… I mean, your writing could make me feel Feels and rip my heart out simply by describing a cardboard box, but I just don’t know how it could be possible for anyone to write believable Janeway/Tuvok. So… Yeah. Not gonna push you on this, lol.

@ailtara​ your feels are
my feels and I would hate to break your feels, but I have in fact seen
Smutty Janeway/Tuvok done more than once, and on a sliding scale of ‘ick
no no do not want’ to ‘whoa that’s … disturbingly hot’ there has been
more than one effort on the latter side but I won’t risk traumatising
you by linking them (even if I could remember what they were).

But I’d go with a rollicking time-bending BFF tale here. Sometimes there’s smut you just shouldn’t touch.

Tuvok concurs.

Oh my God, I’ve ventured down into the Janeway/Tuvok gutter and I have to agree with all of you. It’s blaringly wrong. (Although I remember one J/T + J/C that was more of a save him from Pon Farr + mental connection that is highly disturbing to all involved and ended on a J/C note –> that one wasn’t wrong wrong, but just, you know, wrong!)

And oh, the “Vulcans have superhuman strength , so this may damage the human party” factor…OH GOD!

So, uhm, no pressure from me either! (Although Janeway reminiscing about playing pool with them and Chuckles’s mind wandering in other directions when thinking of balls and pool tables that just have a convenient height…who could blame him?)

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2r8U2yx

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