oh-punky: emmikamikatze: accusativeofexclamation: thoodleoo: thoodleoo: do u ever wish you could…






do u ever wish you could be like. a greco-roman lady in a 19th century painting. just lounging all day, looking bored. probably got ur tiddies out. thats the life

every neoclassical/early romantic piece of art is the dream honestly like

hang out in this rose garden with your girlfriend while she dumps flower petals on you. nice

alternatively hang out with your whole squad of nymph gfs in some water. just you and your gal pals, and this guy i guess. letting your tiddies hang out and all that

take a nap on these pillows surrounded by beautiful ancient frescoes, what’s not to love

tiddies out, nap game on, divine boyfriend, not a care in the world. these ladies have it so good

Dressed in gorgeous flowing clothes, hair game on point, sitting on warm marble by the seaside, responding ambiguously to yet another handsome suitor’s advances

h*ck yes

Anyone else getting a massive load of J/C ideas at these images?

@emmikamikatze  I love the way your mind is thinking right now. Holodeck or 24th century spacesuit? Alien Planet?

Ah @oh-punky, I think my muse likes you. So for

1.) shore leave on an alien planet – It’s been forever since they were able to spend some time in friendly territory on a planet with such lush flora. The sights and sounds and overwhelmingly sweet smells are practically forcing the crew to relax and not even Kathryn can withstand the allure of this paradise. Chakotay doesn’t even have to put up a fight when he tries to get her to take some shore leave for herself. She won’t tell him, but she had already decided to go before he had asked her…

2.) drug-induced ritual on an alien planet – need I say more?

3.) I really haven’t decided about this one, I’m thinking in the direction of alien planet, slightly misogynistic, women are exempt from any labour that doesn’t include pleasure, but the men’s honour entirely depends on their ability to bring their designated partners pleasure. And well, it’s pretty clear Kathryn is Chakotay’s designated partner – although they try to claim it’s not the case – and the aliens won’t finalize a trade agreement with a man who has no honour…

4.) post-Endgame – let’s face it. The true story is they get home and get it one and without a care in the world J/C have a little, at-least-a-week-long nude fest…

5.) holodeck (because even Lake George can get boring at some point, so why not switch to the Greek seaside?). Chakotay gives her the new program as a gift and after trying it out a few times, she decides to invite him to share it with her. Seeing her in bikini and a tunic he can’t resist the urge to court her a little and she realizes she quite likes it and indulges him for a while. Only, she realizes to late where the point would have been to stop their game and now they’ve crossed the line a few thousand lightyears back and let’s face it, their fate really was signed the moment they laid eyes on each other…

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2r0c2fc

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