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Someone write a cute (or smutty. Cute and Smutty?) scene where he helps her get all of that confetti out of her hair.

This needs to be written. Look at him, he’s literally eating her with his eyes.

Gah! You can tell he’s visualising her covered in ice cream and chocolate sauce and ready to feast. Feast away, Commander. Feast away!

I can’t stare at this any more. I can’t. Is he swallowing in the second on the top? Shit. That smile. It actually hurts to watch him, he’s so in love with her and she doesn’t even notice….

But @jhelenoftrek, he’s getting his “dessert” later, remember? 😉

“We waited this long-”

“Long enough,” she quickly interrupts, her urgency revealing more meaning to her words than the obvious. “We’ve waited long enough.”

Thanks @emmikamikatze, i needed the reminder.  Dessert.  Right.  Feeling better now.

@oh-punky, the confetti is already gone and she still hasn’t had enough, apparently. The beast has been awakened!

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2teuz7Z

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