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How to look at your First Officer. #200 

‘Sweet cinnamon-coffee, I bet he tastes like sweet cinnamon-coffee. Must not grab and taste, must not grab and taste. Get a grip! But, oh… sweet cinnamon-coffee! Why doesn’t the turbo-lift EVER break down when I want it to?!“

She seems a little shocked by her own thoughts…oooops, Kathryn, caught yourself day dreaming again?

“I’m not going to think about screwing my first officer up against the wall of the turbolift. I’m not I’m not.   Nope, not going to think about wrapping my legs around him and how his hands would feel on my thighs and STOPPIT, Kathryn.  Think of something else.  Think of astro-navigation… mmmm navigating my way down his- Oh no. This is bad. This is so bad.”

Bwhahahahaaaa! Even better if Chaks and Kathryn have recently encountered aliens on a first contact mission that temporarily cause telepathy in humans… 😀   

And they don’t realize their thoughts are mingling, half of their own fantasies half of each other’s. Uh oh…that’s gonna be an interesting turbolift ride when they finally realize…

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2sHm1KZ

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