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I feel like we seriously need to talk about these gifs: The oh so gentle way he reaches out and caresses her arm, as much emotional as physical steadying.  The way they turn their faces towards each other in perfect unison. The way they react to jostling somehow by going towards each other (rather than in the same direction)… like their instinct is to come together for support no matter the circumstances.

 Also they both just look really pretty here with their perfect hands and her romantically starting to fall out of its confines hair and their worried little faces and perfect profiles and sad eyebrow raises and glorious cheekbones and his oh so kissable lips.

This so perfect.

You can see that even with the whole crew around them they seek comfort and assurance in each other.

She doesn’t just take his arm – he lays his hand over hers. This is such an intimate gesture. (Also why did that woman have to walk in front of them right then?)

Now look at that. That’s not just relief, that’s “I need to touch you all over to make sure you’re really not dead” relief.

That’s “Let me truly look at you again before I leave you for two seconds in case you die on me again

And finally, this is “I’ve seen half of my crew down, but Oh God, not him, please not him” angst.

These two are just so close and intimate with each other. 

You called?

I feel like this needs to make the rounds again.

It’s more than worthy, don’t you think?

More than worthy.

This post can constantly be on my dash for all I care!

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2se7RRG

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