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my favorite side effect warning is for antidepressants

pros: you won’t want to kill yourself

cons: you might want to kill yourself

Back when I was in a psychiatric hospital, and was offered antidepressants, my mother had declined them due to that apparent side effect. So the staff actually explained about this effect antidepressants have, that give reason to that warning.
When first taking antidepressants they raise up your energy first. So that you have the energy to do the tasks you might have avoided doing due to your depression.
Because of this those who were already suicidal, now have the energy to go do so. Which is the ones this warning is given for.
It’s not that a side effect of antidepressants magically makes you want to kill yourself, it’s the energy it gives those who were already struggling with suicidal issues, to actually attempt the act.

Very informative…

Wow. I’m so glad you explained that. Now I understand

My high school choir/psych teacher actually told is about this. She also said if you have a suicidal friend who starts seeming like they might be getting better because they have more energy, that’s the time to be cautious because that’s when they may still be suicidal but they’ll actually have the energy to go through with it

THIS. a thousand times THIS. I had it explained to me in my AP psychology class in high school. super fucking important.

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT and I wish my doctors had explained it to me this well when I first started taking them.

JUST GONNA REBLOG THIS AGAIN TO ADD that my younger sister in law recently started on anti-depressants among other medications in juncture with therapy to help handle an extreme case of OCD and anxiety, and I was the one who had to explain this to her. Her doctor only explained the risks, and not WHY they would actually be considered risks, which put her off of taking medication for most of her life. I explained it, and she understood, and THAT is why she is now on medication that is significantly improving her life. DOCTORS NEED TO TELL US THIS SHIT.

Best description of why ‘increased risk of suicide’ is included in the warning for anti-depressants I’ve ever read.

Signal boost this to save a life.

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