Drabble – Distraction


This is for @missmil and @angrywarrior69 who prompted me with: “Janeway has coffee in a place that very…. distracting for Chakotay” (though I flipped it) and “

Write me 69 words on KJ staring at Chak’s face

“ respectively.

It’s coffee.  

It has to be

It can’t not be

And it’s right there.
A little spot.  Just below his
lower lip.

His delicious, succulent lower lip.  The one that’s being used in conjunction with
an equally exquisite upper lip to talk to me about something.  

I can’t focus on a single – coffee – word.

Must confirm theory.

Lower lip.


I was right.  

And he was delicious.

I died!

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2ujbVRL

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