Ficlet – Wrong Side of the Bed (T)


Prompt:  Having some
kind of cross words and then make-up sex.  

I took KJ being mad at Chakotay, cause for as emotional as
she seems to be, I’m positive she’d
have a day like this at some point (like, I may or may not have had the other
day….ahem, sorry hubs).  The fab @mia-cooper  posted the opposite argument.

It was an offhand comment.
Nothing more than an innocent observation, really.  And truth-be-told, he was probably
right.  But he had also inadvertently
ruined her entire day.

Seven little words spoken in jest and then eight more,
intended to lighten the air, or perhaps, punctuate the point.  

“You’re in a good mood this morning,” he had said, teasingly.

And then.

“Up on the wrong side of the bed?”

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Ahahaha, fantastic. I grinned the whole time, recognizing myself in there. Wonderful job, Helen!

from Tumblr

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