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the notes are broken 😂

Reblogging partly for awesome computer shortcuts, and partly because I wish to once again take part in a Post That Broke The Notes. 

Reblog to save a life

FYI – that “make your essay longer” doesn’t fool teachers because they will look for people who are dumb enough to think that bigger font = longer paper.  I write in 14 pt because my vision has gotten worse and would shrink it to 12 before submitting my own papers.  the couple times i forgot, profs would either warn me or dock me 5 points for forgetting.  they’re long wise to that idea.

i’ll have to try that copy-paste trick, though.  that would be helpful.

The make your essay longer only works if you have to hand it in printed and if it’s significantly longer than just 2 or 3 pages. If I have to hand in a 15-20 pages paper, this trick may give me half a page – and that has saved me from my paper being rejected simply on the grounds of “filling paper”!

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