Don’t prompts



  1. Don’t call me/her/him/it/them.
  2. Don’t cry.
  3. Don’t denounce me/her/him/it/them.
  4. Don’t do it.
  5. Don’t even think about it.
  6. Don’t give it.
  7. Don’t go away.
  8. Don’t go there.
  9. Don’t go without me/her/him/it/them.
  10. Don’t fool me/her/him/it/them.
  11. Don’t forget me/her/him/it/them.
  12. Don’t hate me/her/him/it/them.
  13. Don’t hide from me/her/him/it/them.
  14. Don’t hide it.
  15. Don’t hurt me/her/him/it/them.
  16. Don’t forget me/her/him/it/them.
  17. Don’t kill me/her/him/it/them.
  18. Don’t kiss me/her/him/it/them.
  19. Don’t laugh.
  20. Don’t lie to me/her/him/it/them.
  21. Don’t listen to me/her/him/it/them.
  22. Don’t listen to me/her/him/it/them.
  23. Don’t look at me/her/him/it/them.
  24. Don’t love me/her/him/it/them.
  25. Don’t punch me/her/him/it/them.
  26. Don’t push it.
  27. Don’t run from me/her/him/it/them.
  28. Don’t sell it/them.
  29. Don’t slap me/her/him/it/them.
  30. Don’t shoot me/her/him/it/them.
  31. Don’t shout.
  32. Don’t sing it.
  33. Don’t smell it/them.
  34. Don’t steal it/them.
  35. Don’t take it/them off.
  36. Don’t talk to me/her/him/it/them.
  37. Don’t throw it/them.
  38. Don’t touch me/her/him/it/them.
  39. Don’t you dare drinking that.
  40. Don’t… (add your own)

Hmmmm…which one which one. I’m going to be up writing some fic tonight. 😁😁😁😁

27. Don’t run from me.

from Tumblr

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