Janeway’s Gungina













“Kathryn, where was that phaser?“ 
“They searched you very carefully. I know, because I was about to kill the guy.“ 
“You really don’t want to know.“ 
“But I really do.“ 
“When we’re back on the ship, I’ll hide another one and you can find it yourself.”
“Can I do a strip search?“ 
“Please see that you do.”

@mia-cooper, I know you want to…


Oh. God. @emmikamikatze , what did you do?

“Captain! Commander! Where do you think you’re going?”

“Doctor, if you think I’m going to set one foot in your sickbay after such a trifling incident…”

“Medical Protocol 47A, Captain. All members of an away team must submit to mandatory medical examination immediately upon their return. No exceptions.”

“Chakotay, back me up here…”

“Sorry, Kathryn. It’s protocol.”

“Thank you, Commander. Captain, please lie down on the bio-bed and place your feet in the stirrups… Er, Captain? Why are you smiling like that?”

Back to you, @emmikamikatze … don’t let @jhelenoftrek down…


@angrywarrior69 absolutely not!


“TUVOK, what are you doing here?”

“Please excuse the intrusion, Captain, I received a security alert for phaser fire in sickbay. Are you alright?”

“Could someone please get Lieutenant Torres up here to stabilize my holomatrix?”

“You’re blushing, Kathryn. No reason to get shy now.”

“I see that there’s no immediate danger. May I inquire as to what caused the alert for my security report, Captain?”

“You may not.”

“Lieutenant, I’m sure the Captain will inform you in depth later. As you can see the situation is under control. If you would please leave my sickbay now and give my patient privacy.”


“Yes, Tuvok, please…”

“I told you not to put it back, Kathryn.”

“Now, if you will let me work before she starts cramping again.”

Throwing this to you, @jhelenoftrek. I believe you had something to add?

Oh, my God. I love you all. So much. It hurts. Also, those phasers look pretty large. Uhm…damn, girl.

#chakotays throbbing meatwand

The lethal vag phaser sparked much brig talk

@angrywarrior69 @emmikamikatze @jhelenoftrek

what the fuck did i just read? omg. haha. 

WTF, I don’t check tumblr for a day and you all go sticking things in places! 

This is magical.

Please never get the help you may need. 😉

I’m not even slightly ashamed!

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