angievonasgard: Ladies of sci-fi – requested by…


Ladies of sci-fi – requested by until-the-next-time

If only it didn’t use a photo manipulation for Kate Mulgrew….sigh

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Tumblr knows me so well…

Tumblr knows me so well…

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fakekatefacts: themostpowerfulmagicofall: stop She’s slaying…




She’s slaying and she knows!

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leisylaura: OT3 The post I didn’t know I needed!



The post I didn’t know I needed!

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by-ethan-fox: Turn on your audio. TAKE THAT POPSONG OUT OF MY…


Turn on your audio.


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70thousandlightyearsfromhome: Chez Sandrine Sandrine’s was…


Chez Sandrine

Sandrine’s was created as a place where the crew could relax and socialize, like TNG’s poker games.  It was built as a permanent set, but used for just the first two seasons.  We did see it in the second episode of the third season, “The Swarm,” as the place where the Doc sang opera.  (”Basics II” and “Flashback” were shot as part of the second season, though not aired until the third.  “The Chute” was actually the first episode of the third season, production-wise.)  

Sandrine’s had a brief resurrection in the fifth season’s “Someone To Watch Over Me”; it had to be rebuilt from scratch, because the original set had been dismantled by then.

The Talaxian resort replaced Sandrine’s in the third season.  There was no crew hangout in the fourth season.  In the fifth season, there was Captain Proton.  The sixth season gave us Fair Haven.

I think that progression tells us a lot about what went wrong with Voyager.  The entire crew hung out at Sandrine’s, even Tuvok.  Tuvok had to be ordered to show up at the Talaxian resort.  Captain Proton was basically just Tom and Harry’s hangout.  Tuvok and B’Elanna didn’t care for Fair Haven, and it seemed to be a place where the crew interacted with holographic characters, not with each other.    

The crew had so much warmth in the early episodes.  A lot of reviewers thought “Caretaker” was the best Trek pilot ever, because of the appeal of the characters and relationships.  But instead of growing closer as the series went on, they grew apart.  Even though you’d think they’d be closer than any other crew, “bound together by time and pain and the
need to survive,” to borrow a line from a different TV series. 

Very interesting analysis, but I’d like to mention that the crew did interact in other ways later on.

Sandrine’s was meant to give them a proper place to interact in the beginning, but once they had grown closer they did that in other forms. We know they used sports programs, went skiing together, had get togethers in the mess hall etc. 

They were a close knit community, but that also meant that they were the only people they ever saw and interacted with, aside from shore leave etc. So naturally they felt the need to connect with new “people” and the holodeck was the simplest form to do that.

We know that even in Fair Haven they interacted with each other AND the characters. They goofed around and played tricks on the holodeck characters because it was harmless.

When you spent ALL your time on and off duty with the same people you are bound to want to meet new people. Even if they are only holodeck characters.

And let’s not forget that season 4 gave us Killing Game…I’m pretty sure after that the crew felt the need to connect and interact outside of the holodeck for a while. But still we see Seven and Janeway play Velocity on the holodeck in season 4.

The development I see is that the crew tended to interact more outside of the holodeck, especially during Neelix’ get-togethers and the holodeck continued to serve as a personal recreation spot, a kind of private area for private relaxation on a ship where you barely any private time and space. Of course, they didn’t share their private programs with everyone. I can’t see the whole senior staff going on a moonlight sail on Lake George – the program would lose its personal charge for Janeway.

On a ship where you have barely any private space you’re bound to create it somewhere and get choosy over who to share your private time with when your whole family is with you ALL the time.

Oh, and don’t forget that the crew was eager to play Insurrection Alpha together! That episode alone shows that they are clearly comfortable with Voyager herself as recreational area – because the ship IS their home, their comfort zone – but they were in desperate need for some distraction, something new, anything to occupy their minds in a new manner.

I’m not negating your view entirely, I just feel like there’s more sides to the development of holodeck use than simply the crew going apart, because that is clearly NOT the case. You are correct though in your analysis that their use of the holodeck changed throughout the show.

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